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Know That Life Is a Journey

10 Feb
You should know that life is a journey.

You should know that life is a journey.

Life is a journey which people have to pass through. The journey through the lifetime will take many people, across the favourable and unfavourable conditions of their environment. It determines how people will cope with the rigours and pressure of the world. In fact, it shows them the way of life which they should take in the world of today.

Life exists in discontinuity. Living in the world can be a pleasant experience for some people, while the others may face an unpleasant situation.

Life is a journey that must be travelled no matter how bad the roads and accommodations. Oliver Goldsmith.

Since the way of life happens to be a journey through the world, people have to work well, and achieve their goal. They are bound to compete with the other people for achievement and success. Those who haven’t striven hard enough will fail in the struggle for personal achievement and good life.

The wise people should strive, to achieve their goal, and become successful in life. They should struggle to win the competition, which exist in the world of today. This will make the way of life a fruitful journey through the world.


Understand Your Life and Live Better 

21 Oct
Understand how you are living.

Understand how you are living.

The people should believe in who they are. They should think about the true meaning of life. They should understand themselves and the way of life.
The people of today should think about the present situation of time. They should forget the sad experience with the past. Anything which doesn’t favour what they are doing, should be overlooked and forgotten. They should search for new and positive experience. This should bring a happy and better life.

You are so much more than what you are going through. John Tew.

The wise people should think about the future. They should search for knowledge and understanding. This will make them to understand how they are living. 

They should work hard and achieve something. They should struggle and strive to live better.

Think Ahead of the Time 

3 Jun
Think ahead.

Think ahead.

Think about the future.

Think about the future.

The people should think about themselves. They should believe in what they are doing at the moment.

They should consider what have happened in the past. They should forget the experience, which does not favour what they are doing. They should use their knowledge and experience, to determine what will favour them in the future.

Think back five years ago. Think of where you’re at today. Think ahead five years and what you want to accomplish. Be unstoppable. Dwayne Johnson.

They should even consider the events, which are happening at present. They should perceive through the current trend, to know what will happen in the future.

They should think well. They should also think ahead of the present time. They should think about the future. This will teach them what they should do. It will make them to understand, what should make their life better.

Living Better and Becoming Happy

1 Oct Live better and then become happy.
Be living better and become happy.

The people should live better and become happy.

The people have being living in the world, for many generations. They have existed and survived, through the pressure which comes up within the world. They have lived through a difficult period of time. They have adapted within a favourable condition of environment.

They wanted to have a way of living better, than what they have being coping with before. They wanted the condition of their environment to change, from how those things have become more difficult to cope with. They wanted the way of life, to become a better one.

You know there’s got to be a better way of life somewhere, sometime, somehow- but you’re not exactly sure what better is. Carew Papritz.

Therefore, they anticipated for a means of developing themselves. They attempted to develop the personal skill. They went further to use the knowledge of personality, to develop the feature of environment.

You’ll never know the outcome unless you just go out there and just do it. Jonathan Anthony Burkett.

Whenever they are developing themselves, they will have the opportunity to increase in number. Whenever they are developing the way of life, they will have the opportunity to create a better society.
They have to be able to sustain what they have produced, understand the personality and know more about the society. They will have to work, with their own effort. Depending on the personal effort, should bring about a successful life. They will then be able to pass over what they have, to the people of the next generation. They will surely have a happy way of life.

Environmental Condition to Man and his Society

26 Oct

Man, is a generic name, for a human being, who live together, with a similarity, relationship,  society, and environment, with a consequence, of a favourable, or adverse condition.
Condition of environment, is a factor, to the existence, and subsequent survival, of human beings, in terms of, outlook, and experience, of dominant features, in reality, to the circumstances, surrounding, the prevalent  environment.
Man, creates a sustainable environment, in his control, and a society, attributed to success, and prosperity, to maintain life-issues, to bring the right outcome. All people contemplate, on an environment that favours, or contrarily, one that disrupts. But this clue, is governed by a capacity to preserve favourable attributes to man, without a total neglect, of adverse ones.
Human beings, due to a nature of heredity, and existing personality, desire the self mainly, and other factors, that constitute a favour, or another, to the notion. Most favourable conditions, constitute limits to the prevailing circumstance, of environmental condition.
At this point, it could be figured out, that a condition, of too much,  too little, or other extremes, which do not gratify the pre-existing circumstance, or satisfy human needs, are unfavourable, to his acceptable conditions.
A standard level, of environmental attribute, or condition, in an average person, is a normal requirement, to create a balance of nature, between man, and the environment, with an essential vitality, basic to the functioning of body systems, which provides a potentiality, for daily exercise.
Basic requirement of a daily functioning, is significantly affected by, an adequacy, and composition, of these provisions, such as:
-Body temperature.
-Water content.
-Energy/food substance.
-Safety from danger.
-Opportunity for life dispositions.
These factors encourage a sustainable environment, and a life, that attributes, a dependence for man, according to an availability of factors, in his environment.
Therefore, man lives in his environment, in a range of levels, to provide certain requirements, and contribute, to a continued existence of the relevant factor, that aid a positive survival, and his life, in general.
I hereby, extend my consideration, on the condition of the environment, effects, solution, and a positive way, to the survival of man, his society, and all creatures, in a general notion.
I give a greeting, and appreciation, to all readers, and other people, who participates with me, in one way, or another.
Happy reading, to you all.
My regard, and thank you.

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