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Living Better and Becoming Happy

1 Oct Live better and then become happy.
Be living better and become happy.

The people should live better and become happy.

The people have being living in the world, for many generations. They have existed and survived, through the pressure which comes up within the world. They have lived through a difficult period of time. They have adapted within a favourable condition of environment.

They wanted to have a way of living better, than what they have being coping with before. They wanted the condition of their environment to change, from how those things have become more difficult to cope with. They wanted the way of life, to become a better one.

You know there’s got to be a better way of life somewhere, sometime, somehow- but you’re not exactly sure what better is. Carew Papritz.

Therefore, they anticipated for a means of developing themselves. They attempted to develop the personal skill. They went further to use the knowledge of personality, to develop the feature of environment.

You’ll never know the outcome unless you just go out there and just do it. Jonathan Anthony Burkett.

Whenever they are developing themselves, they will have the opportunity to increase in number. Whenever they are developing the way of life, they will have the opportunity to create a better society.
They have to be able to sustain what they have produced, understand the personality and know more about the society. They will have to work, with their own effort. Depending on the personal effort, should bring about a successful life. They will then be able to pass over what they have, to the people of the next generation. They will surely have a happy way of life.


People should work Together

20 Apr
People work together in groups to achieve goals

People have to work together

The people have passed through many generations and early civilization. The human being developed through the stages of evolution. This was observed by Charles Darwin (1809-1882). He was an English scientist. He believed that ‘man developed through the ape’ (lower animal), after going through advanced growth and trends. The human being is grouped in the specie ‘homo sapiens’.

The history of man became significant from the time of ‘early man’. This is the pre-cursor of the people who live in the world and dominate over the land. The adaptation of man to the environment is believed to be the cause of survival and expansion in the world today.

The people have spread over the nooks and crannies of the world. They have occupied the favourable environment in large numbers. They have come together for a common survival and the sole purpose of working together. No man is an island. The people have formed social groups for the purpose of protecting similar interest and common people. They live in communities from social relationship and versatile features which they have together. They have created societies and organisations from having such similarities and some commoness, as a basis for existence and survival.

The people became socialised through different sources of gaining information and education. They gained civilization through social changes which have dates as far as many generations ago. They gained modernisation through the advanced knowledge of scientific and technological innovation. The people cannot live in the world from lacking cooperation and having social pressure. The people should live and work together. They should continue putting hands together to bring about association and change. They have to embrace living in peace  and expect a great time in the modern era.

The people should work together for peace and stability.

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