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The People Should Avoid Conflict

11 Feb
Avoid the situation of conflict.

Avoid the situation of conflict.

Avoid the unnecessary nuisance.

Avoid any kind of nuisance.

The people are living together in the world. They have joined their hands together. This will allow them to work together. It will help them to solve their problem. It will also help them to achieve something worthwhile along the way of life.

They are now living in the world of today. This is a result of their competition to gain achievement. They want to become successful in the personal life. But, they may never avoid pressure and frustration.

They seem to be having disagreement all the time. 

The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it. Dale Carnegie.

Conflict may exist between some individuals, organisations, communities and countries.

These people should live in a world with no disagreement. They should live in peace and harmony. They should resolve any difference in their opinion. They should create the idea, which will bring success. They should tolerate all those differences in their opinion.

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