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Man In The Society

All people live together, in human groups, in the society.

The topic “Man and his Society”, is my personal review.

It consist mainly, of human activities, reflecting the man, among many groups of human being, within the scope of co-existence.

Man depends on other fellows, which result in, this relationship, and interdependence, with the aim of survival.

The society is, thus, the collective, and residual, locus of interaction, where knowledge, understanding, and connection, are foremost, and the scenario.

The sequence, or era, of the activity, in our society, just changes at that, point, occurrence, resurgence, relationship, behavior, conflict etc, which makes the association to shift into, issue, or consequence, not easy for us to control.

My writing, thus, reviews the man, social relationship, and complex organization, depicting his livelihood, in the society.

I hereby consider, extending my writing.

I also appreciate, the reader, fellow, and all people, in general.

Thank you, everyone.



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