People Experience New Things

1 Jun

People ride camels, to far places, in the olden days.

Everyday, people learn new things, such as, knowledge, place, or event, which goes in, their job, service, duty, or otherwise, constitutes the experience, as in factors, of the phenomena, time, or environment.
Activity Of  Man:  Man’s choice of what to do, is of different kinds, and contributes to, developing the infrastructure, or pattern, of the society. This could have built up, the old society, changed the way of life, or constituted the outlook, for a relevant future, and newer products. These will conserve, from what the people, have being experiencing.
Social Change: Nowadays, people believe in changes, concerning the yearly period, or season, such as, annual, or biennial. But within these domains, any specialization to achieve their goal, either personal, or commercial, could have their attribute, from the existing factors, such as, culture, background, interaction etc. These provides the new feature, as their console, for the old one.
Dependence: People have adapted, to the existing way, or rather, predominant condition, for quite some time. These condition will favour our population, without optimism, or regression, in how they would add, to their sustenance, rather than, merely depending on themselves.
Population Growth: The increasing population, of the people, who occupies the place, or territory, is prone to, revolving their idea, dimension, or remedy. This would cope with the production, service, aspiration, or strategy, to understand their future goal.
So Far: People live in groups, according to their common interest. They will participate, to achieve their goal, and bring change. The outlook of the place, constitutes to their experience.
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