Environmental Condition to Man and his Society

26 Oct

Man, is a generic name, for a human being, who live together, with a similarity, relationship,  society, and environment, with a consequence, of a favourable, or adverse condition.
Condition of environment, is a factor, to the existence, and subsequent survival, of human beings, in terms of, outlook, and experience, of dominant features, in reality, to the circumstances, surrounding, the prevalent  environment.
Man, creates a sustainable environment, in his control, and a society, attributed to success, and prosperity, to maintain life-issues, to bring the right outcome. All people contemplate, on an environment that favours, or contrarily, one that disrupts. But this clue, is governed by a capacity to preserve favourable attributes to man, without a total neglect, of adverse ones.
Human beings, due to a nature of heredity, and existing personality, desire the self mainly, and other factors, that constitute a favour, or another, to the notion. Most favourable conditions, constitute limits to the prevailing circumstance, of environmental condition.
At this point, it could be figured out, that a condition, of too much,  too little, or other extremes, which do not gratify the pre-existing circumstance, or satisfy human needs, are unfavourable, to his acceptable conditions.
A standard level, of environmental attribute, or condition, in an average person, is a normal requirement, to create a balance of nature, between man, and the environment, with an essential vitality, basic to the functioning of body systems, which provides a potentiality, for daily exercise.
Basic requirement of a daily functioning, is significantly affected by, an adequacy, and composition, of these provisions, such as:
-Body temperature.
-Water content.
-Energy/food substance.
-Safety from danger.
-Opportunity for life dispositions.
These factors encourage a sustainable environment, and a life, that attributes, a dependence for man, according to an availability of factors, in his environment.
Therefore, man lives in his environment, in a range of levels, to provide certain requirements, and contribute, to a continued existence of the relevant factor, that aid a positive survival, and his life, in general.
I hereby, extend my consideration, on the condition of the environment, effects, solution, and a positive way, to the survival of man, his society, and all creatures, in a general notion.
I give a greeting, and appreciation, to all readers, and other people, who participates with me, in one way, or another.
Happy reading, to you all.
My regard, and thank you.


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