31 May

Man (or human beings), exist, live, and interact, with the other individuals, which result in a formation, of a group (or a social group), usually based on a similarity of, purpose, idea, interest, origin, familiarity etc. Organization, is an arrangement of, people, things etc, in a relationship, with one another, to form a structure, or a whole. Therefore, an “Organization Of Man, And His Society”, is an attempt, to place a demarcation, on a sequence, in an activity, event etc, to satisfy a need, in all the spheres of life. A sequel, or an order, which is established, thus provides a source, to a reference, in an activity, and a record, to a consequence, in an event, for the future generation. Thus, a building of a relationship, results in, a whole, but a complex nature, such as, association, society, institution etc, for a purpose, to provide needs, and to promote the existence, survival, welfare etc, of human beings (or man), in his society, at large. My review, on an “Organization Of Man, And His Society”, is based, on a notion of, an interaction of human beings (or man), in a relation with, a purpose, or a need, to form a organization, or “a whole group”, of connected people. My commendation, goes to all my readers, and to all other people, that are participating with me. Have a happy reading time. Adegboyega O. Ogunmola.

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