23 Apr

Man, lives among other individuals, or fellows, in a social-group, called a society. Ideas, thoughts, propositions etc, sharpen his knowledge, and understanding, towards many achievements, from generation, to generation. This form the trends, patterns, and complexes, of a way of life. Human societal-life, is based on interactions, and relationships, to provide for his needs, development, achievement, problem-solving etc. But, his way of life, may turn to trivially, martially, or deliberately using power, and resources. Achievement contributes, to make life easier, and more comfortable, but issues, and problems, obstruct the path, of progress. Improvements through scientific and technological contributions, have changed the way of life, and adaptation, through using effective-methods, for settling his needs, and problems, to a significant-level. Today, advancement in fields of knowledge, that greatly affect man’s life, such as, Agriculture, Medicine, Engineering, Education etc, have shaped-up the global/international sector. The level of development, contributes to a country’s international-status. Conflict arise, with the use of arms, weapons etc, between the factions, which could cause damage, and loss, to life, and property. But, man have lived successfully, with others, from the past generations, till the present, and could continue, with the essentials of good-relationship, such as, love, and tolerance. My review, of the changes to man’s achievements, trends, and his society, constitute human-efforts, to sustain a comfortable, and peaceful life, and a general-balance, of events. Happy reading, to everyone. Regards. Adegboyega O. Ogunmola.

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