10 Apr

Man existed in small groups, in the Early days, after the reknowned creation, of the first man. The scientific belief, about the existence of man on Earth, centers on emergence, through the stages of evolution, from ape-like (or Primate) group of animals, and adaptation to environmental conditions. He passed through several developmental stages, such as, inception in the womb, baby birth, childhood/adolescence growth, mature adult etc. Man exist today, in collective groups of individuals, based on similarities in origin, culture, facial appearance etc, known as a society. His existence within groups, has relationship with the Early-man-days groups, such as his dependence, association, and functioning, with his fellow-men. Man lives together with other individuals, in groups, (or societies), and relates with them through co-existence. His interaction and interdependence, further forms, mutually-exclusive groups, (or associations), to function, for particular purposes. Social groups, within the society, provide for his needs, as a basis, for his survival. My review, shows man’s origin, with the beliefs/evidences that support it, and the society (groups), mutually interacting, from generation, to generation. My best regards, to all readers, fellows, and everyone, in general. Adegboyega O. Ogunmola.

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