10 Apr

Man, encompasses the human beings, who live in groups, with similarities, in origin, culture, facial features etc, known as society. Society, is thus, the social background/entity, where he interacts with other people, close or distant relatives, old or young ones etc. He lives, works, plays etc, or interacts, in many environments, and earns a livelihood. Development, in all spheres of life, is the basis of his interactions, and activities, which is often limited, by time, competition, and certain challenges. His work/life etc development, increase his societal value, but other environmental factors, may retard/hinder his progress, and development. Human beings, prefer good/favorable conditions of environment, for successful living, but this is sometimes endangered, by certain exceptional/unfavorable situations, disrupting the original peaceful situation. Societal challenges, usually constitute problems, for man, and are generally based, but with differences, as to personal opinion, and ideas. Generally, they include, conflict between individuals and groups, social-disorganization of personal life and property, negative behavior against certain rules and regulations, natural occurrences/disasters cause irreparable damage, to his environmental resources, life, and property. Man thus relies, on his affordable skills, and other intervention strategies, to resist/avoid these challenges, in his society. My writing, views man’s interaction, and organization, in the society, with the factors causing the disorganization, of his society, and unfavorable conditions, of the environment. My best regards, to all readers, fellows, and everyone, in general. Adegboyega O. Ogunmola.

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